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Zero generation

Warning: This section consist only from older projects, some of them made even long before i've ever heard about something like open source. Only thing, why they are published here is time which i spend on them. I just feel sad about throwing them away. It is a cross-section of my way to animation and movies (or to those things which i call movies). Here you can find, classic animations, stop-motion, claymation, music video and incidental polygraphy (talking about styles, not about quality). Those things defined the way which lead me here to Carnivora publishing.

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BIG labs
Kind of some strange experimental publishing. We are dealing with problematics how to make things for free and use free tools to create nice, beautiful, amazing and groundshaking stuff. We are always succesful. Powered purely by free & open-source software, on linux platform, Ubuntu Blender Inkscape Gimp and many others. Guides, research, animation, character repository and much more! Creative Commons license: Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike (BY NC SA) 3.0. www.carnivora-publishing.com 2011-end of the universe... Carnivora, which author is Tony Slacik, is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike 3.0 Unported .
Created on the basis of this work: www.carnivora-publishing.com
Permissions beyond the scope of this license are described here: http://www.carnivora-publishing.com/cp/about/analysis.php license questions. Licence Creative Commons
Zero generation collection of older projects from pre-carnivora ages