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Jump the pain
Facehunger Without Face

Jump the Pain

An electronic music clip to Jump the pain song by Warscikle. Uncompromising vision of future, where all that remains from humanity are humans themselves. Roting in front of ubiquitous stream of entertainment, love, emotions and careful guidance. Well, that's enough for introduction, you'll just have to watch it on your own. For more informations visit Jump the Pain project webpages here.

Facehunger Without Face

A music clip to Without Face song from Facehunger trilogy by Trox. Damned King returns to his former kingdom seeking vengeance in cold dark and distant space. For more informations visit Facehunger Without Face project webpages here.


Atlantis an animated movie documentary tells the truth about the fall of legendary mythical ancient civilization. Inovative way of dealing with historical facts through claymation make this movie an excellent choice for anny occasion from evening "calm-down movie" to wedding gifts. Enjoy the most epic documentary. For more informations visit Atlantis project webpages here.


Discover the secrets of Carnivorian library. Search in ancient archives of amazing articles and open-source research. Just type what you are looking for into that white field above, say "渇しても盗泉の水を飲まず" and click that magic button "Ok, sniff it!". You´ll never forget the following events.

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Facehunger Without Face | Seeking revenge in cold, dark, huge and empty space... watch FCHG WF here!