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Well, before we start with making of analysis, there are few things to say. At first the structure of this document. It will be divided into few pages, due to many pictures i would like to share, which on one site might cause too long loading. Second is the content. It will contain more general informations to draw the element background of the project, but the details will be up to you. That´s because i don´t know what you might be interested in. Now we have a discussion where you can post your questions. It will be much more effective than write bunch of informations about something completely unhelpful for you. So if you would like to know something, there is button on the right column above the menu, which will take you to the forum. Third thing are those mentioned pictures, they represent the progress of making of and they are mostly not related to the content around. I am saying that just to save you from wasting time by looking for connections. Relevant pictures will be used in more focused articles which i think will be those answers on your questions. And that´s all for introduction, let´s start!

Jump the pain is my second Blender attempt, so it might be nice to compare it with the first one, Facehunger Without Face. I am happy that there was a slight progress in project structure. That it is now not a pure folder chaos, but quite understandable order of separated textures, models, scenes, UV´s and others which are linked together. Not like in Facehunger, where eveywhere was everyting, of course except of thing you were looking for. So i am now able to search back in the project, which is nice. Another step forward in comparison to Facehunger is an animation. Well it is still not even good, but there are more difficult moves and more shape keyed animation like Nemo´s breathing. Also the IPO curves has been used much more, rather than animate only through dope sheet or simply by heart (hope it is said like that in english) in 3D window. Also the keys are much more shuffled, i was somehow able to swimm in a sea of keyframes better and i remmembered the location of individual pieces of armature and animated them separately, rather than just key the whole armature pose in one frame, which is so visible in (Facehunger) King´s movevent.

Also the Blender version was now in my favor, because there were only two comming versions (i know that nobody force me to upgrade, but when it comes to Blender i am extremely curious) and none of them was too radical, like the switch from 2.49 to 2.5. And when we´re talking about 2.5, since i was not very happy from the design at the beggining, now i am. Those theme or layout options at the top, which allows you to quickly switch from animation window layout to compositing, sequencer editing, scripting or UV editing surprisingly proved to be really helpful. Only layout i use to significantly modify was the default one, in others everything perfectly works, you only need to re-scale the windows sometimes. There are lot of useful things wisely placed in Blender which i am going to mention bellow.

I was trying to use more than just "holy trinity" (Blender, Inkscape, Gimp), especially in the post production phase, but that complicated things even more. Kino and PiTiVi, which i was looking forward on so much proved to be completely useless. Both of them was crashing all the time, when i put in them more than two clips, which is cca 200MB. When they didn´t crash, they at least rendered the video desynchronized with a music. So i was forced to use Blender again, which is in such a long sequence editing not very synoptic (as you can see on the next site). However it doesn´t crash and render exactly what you want. So we still doesn´t have a new member of our old star team. But iam still looking for some! In the next chapter there are informations about things like rendering, advanced mozzarella cooling, concept Alzheimer´s dissease, focal length control distance blur and and other interesting stuff. Of course with other blender screens.

discuss on forum making of all screenshots concept help us grow >> next chapter

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