Making of Jump the pain part two

So let´s start from the end, the video editing. None of the Ubuntu video editors like mentioned PiTiVi or KinoDV proved to be useful. Maybe it´s because used them incorectly, or i have too weak machine for that kind of work. Anyway it was hell! It was last part of the work and i really didn´t think some problem might appear in such a trivial (in comparison to previous) phase. In PiTiVi i was never even able to put all the imported clips in the video layer, so maybe after this point it might work perfectly. KinoDV is much better in all aspects, but also crashes and maybe it is even more annoying when it crash while render, as it is the last phase. I tried to merge and render only few clips together, render them. Then other few... etc. and finaly merge those already merged clips. But this is not the way... It is almost impossible to catch a lipsynch, when you have just those few joined mastodont clips. They are not very flexible or editable. And result looked like that. Oooh how angry i was. One stupid trivial step to finish...and impossible to reach. I also thought about leave the idea of using free and open source only. I've imagined how nice it will be to have an Adobe Premiere... I was so pissed, that i had to take a day off. Then i returned to good old Blender. Video Sequence Editor in Blender allows you not to put only the video files, but also image sequences, which is nice, because when you re-render image sequence into AVI Jpeg container you´ll lose color depth, especially in black and even when you use 100% quality jpeg to jpeg compression. Less times re-rendering is much better in case of keeping image quality. So i imported raw image sequences instead of video (except of few scenes). It looks the same in VSE anyway. I made few chnges in window order, where i multiply divided the sequence layer horizontaly to make better overview of the whole movie. But when i look at it now, it was realy bad and nonsense idea. I have to work with it more often to avoid those mistakes. But back, the VSE interface does not look very user friendly, but it works. I was finally able to finish it and render it. God bless Blender! Those two previsou editors might be good, it could really be my mistake, that they didn´t work. Due to bad instalation, or bad file type i don´t know. I really don´t want to slander or hurt them, but i don´t want to lie. If you have some recommendations for me in Ubuntu video editing i will be really glad to hear them. But please only with your own experience, sending wiki list of Linux video editing software is not a help.

Cooling. Again. For those of you, who already read Facehunger Without Face making of will not be a surprise that we are again facing temperatures. To introduce the thing. All Carnivora projects are made on one laptop. Acer Aspire 6920G (with cinedash and fingerprint reader - both useless in ubuntu...saying that just to show how much i love Ubuntu, when i sacrificed those things to have it). I am not sure if it is on every Acer computer, or only on this series, but it has a technology of fans which are under management of Acer. User is not allowed to touch it. When is getting hot, the fans are not trying to go over the safer limits to cool it, but throttle down the performance. That is safe and most users will be satisfied with that. However if you would like to increase the performance of the computer or fans, you can´t. So instead of peaceful sleep, while computer is rendering over night, you have to replace him from warm place to cooler places whole night, keep him away from the dust, measure temperature... It´s like having a baby. Next day you are braindead zombie and unable to work. Way how to help him is to lower the temperature, first you have to provide him stable and wide fresh air inflow. That is usually by laying him on the book towers with space between. Next step is direct cooling. In previous project, mentioned Facehunger, i was quite conservative in this case. Now i took harder weapons. I used MOZZARELLA!! This cheese comes in bags filled with salt water (at least in my country). So they perfectly adhere the computer and when you take them right from the fridge it tooks a while until the CPU boil them. The plastic bag also (and i don´t know why) doesn´t condense the air moisture, so it is quite safe. It has yet another benefit. Thanks to this advanced cooling technique, i know trilions of ways how to use mozzarela in sallads, pizzas and lasagnes! Cool

Another trouble aspect was the concept. I firstly had an idea, that i put Vanson right into JtP world. Make him interact with the environment, Nemo, Karel and Bone. Firstly it was problem to meet and shoot played scenes on a screen. Both of us had a lot of work and it has been still deleayed. Meanwhile i was more and more afraid of the length. I was obsessed with fear, that i just cant make enough material to the music length. So I was making new and new scenes. One day i was curious and meassured the length. It was enough! I was so happy, that i began to composite the clip with the music. But when it was almost done, i realized that Vanson is not there. I forgot! That messed the whole concept, because now i had to improvise. I told Vanson to make his own footage from position of man inside Bone or Karel shouting the lyrics on poor Nemo. Then he send it to me and i made few scenes with it. But here came the problem, mentioned above, with a lipsynch. The project consists of two major types of scenes. First type tells the story, they are ussualy longer and more exciting. Second type are those which create atmosphere. Nothing really happens there so you can cut them wherewer you want (then there is problem with what to do with rest after cutting, because using it might evoke repetition of scene, which is not nice. On the other hand throw away half of the scene is heartbreaking.). In Jump the Pain there are much more of the first story ones. Those you can´t cut everywhere. Therefore when a new scenes arived i had a problem where to put them because those long story scenes are not very flexible. That is one of the most important things i´ve learned about planning.

There are many things which i can write about, but those are ones, which nobody will ever probably aks, not that interesting ones. So every question you have, feel free to ask in discussion, I´ll answer. And that´s all from me, thanks for reading.

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