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When we have firstly talked with Vanson abut a clip, it was meant to be only kind of visualisation to one song from his new album Warsickle MMXII, I really didn´t know what to do. It was a very general talk, i didn´t even know which song is going to be chosen. The title one, Code 2012 was the most siutable for me at the beginning. It has a nice tempo and rhythm and generally it was the most imaginative song from the album for me. Well but Vanson already had a different plans with that, meaning different kind of clip. He wished a clip for the Jump the Pain song. Which was quite nice in term of lenght, in comparison to Facehunger with 5.5 minutes, this was almost half. Problem was with the idea, i was unable to think of the concept, what about it should be. It looked that i will gave it back to Vanson, because i just didn´t know... And of course i didn´t want to make just a clip... some kind of nothing...transitioned cubes or other kind of an art. I read a lyrics again and again, when i finally found a phrase you´ll allways be the same. I reminded a dialogue we had with Vanson some time ago, when we agreed on attitude to media massage, celebrities, neverending serials but mainly about addiction on all of that. Well we continued much further, actually i think that behind the end of the world. But important is the idea of addiction, TV, or media stimulation, euphemisation (as Gerorge Carlin said pussyfication, is one of the most annoying things for me),non-sense mottos and ubiquitous propaganda. koncept odvíjel. You´ll always be the same is actually prety terifying vision, for me the worst from the whole lyrics. I´ve imagined society of people openly hunted and bullied by so called entertainment. People slowly decaying on they´r sofas in front of the screen. Withou even any idea of what else they can do. World is dying, nobody cares about nothing. There is just neverending, to everyone empathic inflow of entertainment, emotions, love... Everything you need. The idea was growing this way and became more and more radicall. Vanson didn´t know about it yet and there was a possibility, that he will be against. But he wasn´t. So i continued. It was closer and closer to the 1984 by George Orwell. But that is actually everything where the word propaganda takes place. Instead of party, there was a TV of LOVE. World leading company, like UAC from Doom, or Terran Dominion, which has nothing above it. Keeping people in line by TV, which is transmitting everywhere, to everybody and all the time. So i bagan to work on characters. There were basically two camps, watching people, and servants of the TV. Watching people were emaciated and weak. World is at its peak for them, there is nothing to improve, nothing to do, just to enjoy the entertainment. There´s nothing to do anyway.

Later i gave up a little bit the idea of a LOVE TV, because i wanted to avoid the solidarity with some conspiration theories, that believes in one group maintaining the whole world, like Ashtar Sheran or Illuminates. Also I realized that it all might look like some social critics, which is not what i wanted to do, i dont feel like i have any rights to do that. I wanted only to make a visual attractive music clip where sense is not visible on the first sight, but when you are looking for him, it is there.

To the role of people i created Nemo. I was thinking on later use in repository, where he can be used like a perfect presentation character, due to his ability to project his feelings on helm glass. Because he doesn´t have much movement or food, he is emaciated and has unhealthy colour (i think green looks really unhealthy). He is locked in watching suite, from his very childhood, so it does not fit him very well mostly. He is dirty, and slimy. It is hard to walk in his heavy boots. Instead of hands he has a remote control and long pointing finger. Everything he needs...

Next two characters takes care of the spirit food for human race. First of them is Karel MK1, friends call him Karel. He is a TV machine capable to broadcast 8 channels at once. His rotating head reacts on human remote controls and provide them the best view on the requested channel (despite the fact, that all channels ussualy broadcast the same thing). He is very skilled crawler and jumper, which makes him the ground medial predator. He is directly cable connected to the central and his task is of course to cover whole population by broadcast. But he is not always succesful. People are sometimes hiding in furniture, small basements and other small places, which Karel can´t reach. For those cases, there is his friend, second TV character. Bone!

Bone is the youngest character from all three, He is a hybrid between human and Cathode Ray Tube TV. His organic part is feeded by products of "Cortex Hoover" campaign, which is basically some kind of alternate way of payment for cable TV. Bone is an air support for ground units Karel MK1. He watches the ´coverage´ from birds perspective and recover those hiding specimens (or audience). Unfortunately the fusion of human and machine in inteligent being wasn´t quite happy in Bone´s case. He suffers from deppressions and seizures of anger, when he becames dangerous to others and even to itself. But otherwise he is cute!

Clip is trying to catch the atmosphere of one day in this paradise and fate of one Nemo, and his attempt to escape, run away from this addiction. And that is all what can be writen about it... Anyway the best will be if you´ll take it however you want. Just how you´ll like it.

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