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karel MK1

Karel MK1 is a friendly TV companion which task is to provide, respectively force all others beings around him his broadcast. He broadcast 8 programs at once, So that everyone can watch his favourite program. He is directly cable connected with a central of the "TV of LOVE" from where he receives the broadcast and informations about the "uncovered specimens", which should be covered. As the main ground TV unit he is equipped with steel tripod claws, which allows him to climb even in hardly reachable terrain and jump to a hardly beliavable heights. like a fire, he´s a perfect servant, but evil master. Resistance is futile and there is nowhere to hide from him...
Karel MK1´s badges Karel MK1 even to your family!


Nemo is pitiful TV lover (well, he has no other choice). TV of Love has been building closer relationship with the audience, offering friendly and loving programs and made life nicer and easier for whole world. For more comfort it offered its loyal audience to change hand into TV remote control for free. Well why we should always have to stretch for it or search it all the time? By the way, who needs some hands today? Right! That´s why TV of LOVE prepared fashion designed set of even second hand replacements in shape of pointing finger to easily switch the channel. In many color variations from gray to half-black. Now everyone can switch the channel instantly! What a paradise! For even bigger enjoyment the audience is cable-connected with the Love central which pharmaceutically tune you into harmonic feeling when watching something nice and disturb you when watching horror. That all just for a small piece of, anyway unused, cerebral cortex every day. But rest is for FREE!
Nemo´s badges Nemo just for you!


Bone is an air support unit for Karel MK1 ground units. It works mainly as a probe searching for possible system errors and "uncovered specimens". Bones were grown after the "Cortex hoovers campaign" takes place. They are combination of old cathode ray tube televisions with undeveloped human organic part which lives right from those "Cortex taxes". Because they´re not cable connected, they share informations by dancing and screen flashing. They are patroling in tight places, which Karels can´t reach due to their proportions, to prevent Nemos be a moment without entertainment. Human part but, unlike Karels, often causes seizures of anger and madness, which can overgrow into violent behaving to others same as to Bone itself. Those seizures are one of the main causes of that messy ruined world.
Bone´s badges Bone as your TV!

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