sparkler sketch background
When i wrote about fungy, i mentioned that it is servant with personality. Also fungy can be found in caves. But how to solve other locations, not that wet and slimy. I needed a small lamp, some companion to light only some parts and to play with shadows. It looks much better if you change the angle, or location of a light source. It gives static objects a little bit of life. The are dancing instead of just standing. So i made a flying sparkler, that kind of companion, which is only machine. No personality, just doing it's work. Just machine. Same as every machine in the movie, even sparkler is powered by that strange steam engine. At the begining i made the second flying engine look like a energy core, but it was too shiny Too warm and harmonic. So i change it to steel turbine. I also wanted that scorpion throat to look around when flying, but the animation looked strange, and they were more atractive to watch than our poor king, so i deleted that.
And that's all i can write about it...


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