Without Face was actually my very first blender attempt, well if i didn't count animation of blue brick moving rotating and scaling from one corner of the screen to another. Whole visual side has been build on our well known open source "holy trinity" (Blender, Inkscape and Gimp). Those three tools allows you to make everything.

blender version

I began to model King right after we talked with Olda about option of making some video to it. That time Blender great revolution was about to come, everyone expected new 2.5 version with completely new interface. Which was fine, i was also looking forward to it, but it wasn't good for Facehunger, because i had to choose which version i'll use. Stay with 2.49 which i knew and which was stable...or to try much faster rendering completely new, but highly unstable 2.5 alpha? i'll go for 2.5, i can't switch back, but some day i will definitelly have to switch, so it might be good to be familiar with the interface. Finally i decided to go for 2.5 beta, when King was already modeled textured and rigged and I am still surprised that there was no problem with that.

file order

But problem was definitelly with file order. I was unable to made up some kind of solid conception of textures, uvs, normal maps, renders, characters, scenes and so on. I combined new systems together with old ones which leads to pure chaos, where I was unable to find anything, and even when i found it all its links were broken, so i missed textures, and linkde characters. I solved it by appending instead of linking and saved all blender files to one big folder. So I got Facehunger folder about 3x times bigger, thanks only to meaningless data duplication. That was really not a solution, but it helped for a while.

cloth simulation

Another problem was with King's coat. Making Facehunger was everyday interesting in some way, always something new. I've been trying to combine modifiers, constraints, textures...just everything with everything to be surprised that it works. But i got stucked on cloth simulation for King's coat.I was thinking that digital technologies works on 0 or 1, yes or no. But not cloth simulation. When i firstly made it, everything was fine, everything worked. But after a week or so it began to make a problems. Somehow, when i baked a simulation, coat just fly away... In the same file, same circumstances as before... So i tried to look what is wrong, checked the modifier stack and send armature under cloth simulation, then collision under them, then back and collision on top. I combined all possible ways of modifiers combination, but with no satisfying results. Some day it worked without problems, some day it needs only to shuffle modifier stack and one day it required to set date to 1.1.2000...when you are desperate you try everything... i don't know exactly if it was this, what make it work again, but it looks like it. Other nice aspect of this problem was that i was unable to find anyone else with a same problem. All forums were silent...

"Am i really the only idiot in the universe, who can't handle cloth?"

I really didn't know what to do... i made another coat and deleted the old one (but future showed, that it resisted my delete attempt), then i tried naked version (i think it is shortly visible in final render). But i haven't solved at all and still don't know the reason of all this. And it delayed me for more than two weeks.


To even emphasize my amateur image i would like to claim that whole Facehunger (by the way whole Carnivora stuff) has been made on notebook. Which is not such a disadvantage, you only need to buy a usb keyboard to acquire serious keypad for blender. Without it, you feel like sculpturer without hands. Like you have to tell somenone else, how to model this and this. Everything else work fine... Until you are about to render longer animation sequence. That is real weaknes of notebooks, thanks to overheating. Notebook anatomy is much denser than PC's, therefore it's easier to overheat and harder to cool. My idea was, that i will be rendering over night, but computer was randomly shutting down, so i had to get up, put it somewhere on the hall floor and stay with him there for a while, until he get better, and then back to the party, until he get sick again. Then i built cooling towers from books, with notebook on top to let him breath easier. Of course window has been opened all the night.
Later even refrigerator took place. But nothing really helped. No overclocking, fan controling, nothing. But then i found on some overheating forums someone who is still by one leg in real world, and not with both in virtual, who said just "have you tried a vacuum cleaner?" And really...since then cooling towers were able to keep temperature in norm. Just by looking from different perspective.


Those are few points, just those which seemed interesting to me. If you are interested in something else, do not hesitate to ask.

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