king sketch background

In visual concept, there were few things i was quite sure about from the very beginning. It was the style, like not much colored, litle bit slimy, cold, abbandoned, steel machines and structures and the character of the king. Now how to do him. My first idea and sketches were very close to some fucking fantasy posing something, with huge arms, giant mouth, armor plated like tank and with some creten scepter two times bigger than him. Yes, it was that kind of meaningless pop-fantasy stuff. That all was because this was my first audio visual project where i wasn't alone, so i felt some responsibility to the result. I want to say, that i didn't want to risk using completely my design, because people might not like it. But fantasy, "everyone" like it, sure succes.

That evening i was on beer with friend, who want a poster for his band from me. It was a band logo with a simple background and necessary informations, from inkscape, only curves, and only two colors. I quite liked it, but he didn't. He want more colors, photos, shiny effects, and i think even some cliparts. So i made it as he wanted and showed him next day. He liked it! But there were other people with us and he was showing it to them. "look what we got! Isn't it cool! That's tony's work! He's graphician!"
But the poster was horrible, I wasn't really proud on it and only think i wanted was to change theme of discussion and forgot that the poster ever existed. That all because i wasn't strong enough to say "NO i will not do that, this way it will be better". Do i really want to be feel like that everytime i will be presenting my stuff? No! So i decided to make it as I want.

My idea of a king was some half-naked, bald, slim, wanderer, with a hanging belly under tall tiny chest. Someone really poor, wearing rags and without shoes walking on cold rusted slimy steel of his former kingdom.

I had to leave the idea of the belly, because i wasnt able to adjust softbodies to work properly and i didn't wanted to animate it manualy through lattices, or shape keys. But i kept the idea of a completely broken creature, filled with anger beyond imagination, seeking vengeance in empty universe.
Hope you feel it in at least simmilar way...


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