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- Without Face -
From the desperate thoughts the "King's Crown", the future uncertain, the scepter lost.
Facehunger Without Face is the first part of Facehunger trilogy. It tells a story of an alien king seeking vengeance for old betrayal in cold deep and empty space. Which is really quick definition, better is here in lyrics. It all began with Trox's FCHG music project, created long time ago. Later we've been discussing that and made up a visual concept which was basically cold steel rusted empty planetary station with lot of gears and abbandon caverns. Whole project is free for download, including characters and experience i've acquired (mostly about what to avoid). Also it has been made on open-source and free software, including OS. You can find more about it's aspects here under audio and visual links. And now it's time to enjoy it!

Trox and Tony

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Eugene the librarian
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