This site is still under construction, unfortunately i can´t find most of the necessary doodles. Maybe it´s because they´ve been doodled once on a beer coaster, once on a napkin, once on something unidentifiable... but the thing is, that i don´t have them now, however, when i will find them, i´ll bulid this site immediatelly. But for now i am sorry.
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Kind of some strange experimental publishing. We are dealing with problematics how to make things for free and use free tools to create nice, beautiful, amazing and groundshaking stuff. We are always succesful. Powered purely by free & open-source software, on linux platform, Ubuntu Blender Inkscape Gimp and many others. Guides, research, animation, character repository and much more! Creative Commons license: Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike (BY NC SA) 3.0. 2011-end of the universe... Carnivora, which author is Tony Slacik, is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike 3.0 Unported .
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