sparklers in front of the gate

Facehunger Without Face lyrics and music has been written and composed by Trox. If you didn't catch the lyrics, here it is.

sparklers in front of the gate
Without Face

From the desperate thoughts the "King's Crown",
the future uncertain, the scepter lost.
The horseshoes trample over my face.
The King is dead, the scepter got lost.
The metal sang to me dragging my head in pounding -
you shall die but live nevertheless.
You were the King; you were everything -
the King of your own conscience!
I am falling asleep in the hope of my own end,
in the own stage of suffering.
The last sentence I do express:
"You perish who believed in me and who left the damnation in the hooves!"
I, being destroyed thus living with my crashed face, I damn you!
I shall crush the preconceptions within your fantasy -
about the deception of your being.
I am the King again, I rule again -
I rule your lives.
Your faces shall be crushed under the hooves,
in the name of the King -
in the name of the life without face!
Apparently the eloquent words -
to bury those into the ground and leave them to rotten.
If surfacing out again - to tread on them and leave them alone.
The face of the clear and often the kind honesty seems to be adamantine,
thus of pure hate - you shall find out, my terrible soul.

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