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Crossings   |   Diagnosis Zizkov

Bu robotics updated | Blender screenshots 27. 4. 2013

Bu's back and shoulder part has been updated to be able to bear a spinback in various angles of movements. Due to tests the previous tight connection wasn't really the best one. Especially when jumping and looking aside. Bu spin back bone shoulder holder updated blender carnivora crossings diagnosis zizkov
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Crossings Analysis   |   Basic informations about the project

Crossings is a Czech non-profit experimental movie project by Tony Slacik. Science fiction sci-fi from Prague´s famous town of Zizkov.


That is unfourtunately one big secret for now, since project is still in phase of preparations. There'll be a parts of story slowly appearing together with the movie progress.

Software equipment and beautiful idea

A project is fully powered by by free and open source software such as Blender (mainly), Inkscape, Gimp and of course on free platform Ubuntu. Basic idea is to make movie only on software available to anybody for free. Of course it's not the main motivation but it looks quite like a challenge, even though it's actually not (quite). For example and mainly Blender can stand for whole room full of graphic software and still you can't describe all of the functions it kindly offers. It's so frustrating having to answer that silly question of "and this? can Blender do that?" God of course! Of course he can! Or poor GIMP, having to deal with comparison to almighty Photoshop... "you know, we photoshoppers can crop the images, can you do that with that GUMP?" Well surprisingly I can... And it's GIMP. This might be some kind of proof, with a bit of luck.

Personnel stuff

  • A project by Tony Slacik
  • DoP Standa Tuma
  • still at the beginning...

Contact, following, staying in touch...

Facebook page

Google+ page

...and for... something... email:
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Progress   |   Current phase : Preparations

Discover more about about the conception and movie phases, we are planning to go through...

  • Consideration: DONE!
  • Preparation for testing: In progress
  • Testing:planned to begin around January 2014
  • Properties creation and compatibility testing: right after the previous one...
  • Shooting:right after the previous one...
  • Post-processing:right after the previous one...
  • Trip to Zoo
  • After-party!


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