A long time ago on an island not that far away...
Finally serious documentary about the most speculated myth of all times. How it was really with the most advanced civilization ever existed? Movie provides serious views on Atlantis problematics from all possible angles and it was consulted with the greatest archeological brains (curently available on authors toilette, where the screenplay has been written). Intriguing narrative style, excelent dialogues and astonishing performances (especially titans) provides unforgetable experience for whole family.

Movie is awaiting sound and music restoration, because i can´t publish it with music from 300 BoT, Transformers, Age of mythology etc. (which i originally made it with). They are great, great, great! but not mine...
written, animated, produced,directed and bla bla bla... by Tony Slacik
Originaly released ..i dont know long time ago
If you are interested in music and sound making, please let me know on email. Thanks, Tony

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Atlantis animated documentary movie introduction
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