...making of...

It has been on holiday between third and fourth (final) year on highschool, when I was playing Age of mythology with my brother. We used to do that till sunrise (so know I realize where i've been practicing for later night-life time shift). One day we got up somewhere after lunch and zombie walked downstairs to eat something, when we encountered "Clash of the Titans" on TV. That old one with so exciting animations. Since my head was already filled with Age of mythology, i was able to concentrate only a little and when i've been watching the final scene with kraken i mixed both of this together. Old movie and and pc strategy.

I was thinking about Thebes, they have quite an army, why do they just watching all this happen doing nothing. They can fill the shoreline with catapults balistas and archers, fill land with iron spikes and so on. Especially when they knew exactly when and where is Kraken about to ambush them. They had plenty of time even eo evacuate the Thebes. No...they've been waiting. I ve been thinking about it more and more, how to fortify the shoreline, then traps on land before Thebes and then of course epic battle inside the town. It was not long ago when i've finished Fable so i felt like animation Yoda. Like nothing is impossible for me. I was thinking about trilion greece spearmen, trying to supress band of titans and their servants back to Tartarus to defend their town. Two hours of pure clay action. So I think...we have 13:30, so I'll make it today and post-production over night.

...how fool i was...

I've been upgrading plot every minute, when I've been collecting thnigs I would probably need. Now it wasn't only action now, there was love, betrayal and sacrifice. Of course I've decided for Atlantis, because it's so strong motive and no one can ever acuse me from lying. I've been really proud and when I spoke to my friends i didn't forget to invite them on premiere which I reserved a pub for in September on my birthday. That sealed my faith definitelly. "Now everyone knows about it, i can't stop, what do they think about me, when i give it up?" So I have to finish that! But how I thought about it deeper and deeper i realized that it is less and less possible to win this match.

First aspect was in town center, where the most of the story takes place because of the poseidon statue. It was larger than any room which i can use. So it has to be positioned outside, under the terrace to avoid rain. Then I realized that sunlight is not one of the most reliable companions for animator. Sometimes it shines, sometimes it hides behind the cloudes and through day changes intensity and color. So my first exterier sequence was blinking colorchanging something, which i can not use at all. So I decided to work to work after sunset, with constant halogen lamp lighting, till sunrise.

...At this moment i didn't know that it will takes two months...

I was so exhausted. Never met anyone, day sleeping night creature, like a vampire. All the night listening to local radio (only available) with country hitparade and extremely interesting adventures from fishing, to have at least little bit of social connection to the world. I've been losing confidence to myself and whole Atlantis project. Filled with anger towards my idiotic ideas how to destroy nice sunny holiday.

What about to stop it and enjoy rest of them?...
When I am already so far?...

So i continued, but created false motivations. I imagined premiere, where I am great mr. director and one girl, which I've curently fell in love with, drag me somewhere outside and...It has many variations and always work, gave me power to continue. How the time goes, it began to lose on efficiency. Never ending smoking, beer, wine and insufficient sleep together with slow non-moving work, crawling on the floor outside at night temperatures was desolating for every piece of my body and mind. And you won't believe how important is for human to see the sun. I've seen only sunset and sunrise and I was always so glad for this moments. Since then sun have much bigger importance in my life. Reffiling energy, perhaps Clark Kent was also making Atlantis on Crypton. There are more suicides in northern states than in southern sunny ones, just because they have polar days and nights. But back to Atlantis...

Some materials proved to be unhappy choice. Whole Atlantis is made with clay, because there've been large scenes with many characters, where using plasticine would be really expensive. Also plasticine is oil based, which can barelly prepare you so much entertainment as drying clay. It's really funny, when you come to your nice city and see, that it's right after the earthquake, clay dryed during a day and you have islands of dryed something instead of nice smooth earth. No matter that i covered it all the time with wet shirts and large foils. I have to repair it every day, less and less effectively of course. Also characters love to dry out in the most unwanted moments. Third lovely thing were titans. I made strong precise skeleton from wires and gase. I was trying moves during the creation to be sure that everything works, but when i covered them with clay, they became 3xtimes heavier and didnt stand at all, not even talking about moves or fighting. So when I animated them, they've been fortified with everyting available behind them from the position of camera. This technique has been later used for almost every character.

Camera has been taped to telescope tripod, so you can't touch it, because it will move, which will force sequence to shake in quite ugly manner. So I taped remote control to my left hand and shooting short video sequences, when scene was ready. That was another thing, I didn't used taking photos, because camcorder write them to memory card, which was i think for 8 megabytes...which is not much. So whole Atlantis is taken by short video sequences on 8mm tape and then converted to AVI. And it was a lot of space in hard drive. Of course I always kept it in DV quality, which was almost unable to even open. But when i did it, it was time to make sound and music.

Sound... for that purpose i had some kind of microphone, maybe from kinder surprise, or something like that. I took some knives, spoons and everything what i thought can make some sound. All voices and sound which knives and other staff were short to I made by myself. But when I've been trying to connect it with video, i found that i have only two layers for that and need much more for nice overlays. Don't know why i solved it by rendering it, when layers were full, so they all merged to original camcorder sound layer, so i have again two layers empty to add a sound. For sound it's not that great problem, but video was really suffering, by this multi-rendering. But i was eager to finally finish it, so i was just walking forward, no matter the cost. Finally the premiere day comes and three hours before it, i finished that! Ran to the pub and saw, that from people I invited exactly...8 came... Isn't that nice? But now who cares, I learned to adore sun and how to manipulate myself to do what is need to be done, for as long as required. Strange that you can acquire quite powerfull inner discipline by a stupid claymation.

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