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Hana, rolling lamp

PostPosted: Sun May 27, 2012 5:35 pm
by Tony
Howdy! I am sorry for that long holidays i took. It's not proffesional (another of that funny words). I have no time to really write a lot, but Bara, thanks very much for holding on, those images, are simply great! I've added them to gallery. Also there are few upgrades on the web, but just a few. I simply don't have enough time. However, there are few new tutorials available for modelling in blender and i will soon create a network and establish a cooperation sphere and system for shirt. But again time. To avoid being complete asshole, here is one sketch of rolling lamp. I'll explain the function later on. (But it's again lamp... i need a psychologist, this is real problem :))

...Sorry there's some problem with posting image, Hana is available in gallery, I'll fix that bug as soon as possible...

But if you girls can have a look at those new tutorials and learn a bit from them, it will be nice. It will move us quite forward.
Here is the first one,,%20basic%20overview%20and%20preparations%20to%20model%20a%20laboratory%20clock.php
and the second one

Also any ideas or opinions about websites are welcome. I am too inside, so there might be problems i just can not see. You can write it in the General discussion above.

Also, try to think about design (or layout) of your own profile, anythink you think up can be done. Also CREATIVE and ORIGINAL web for Shirt should be slowly start to take place in our heads. I got one, but it's quite dark and too evil i think.

That's all for a little, while... I'll be back soon. Till then, Best wishes!

Re: Hana, rolling lamp

PostPosted: Wed May 30, 2012 8:43 pm
by Chez
Your Hana (花子 – this is your true identity, right?) reminds me of creatures living in dephts of the sea and..of facehunger. Very cool.

By the way..I also have to apologize for my zero activity here. But very soon (few weeks..? when the exam heaven ends..if ever) I switch my mode from „boring observator“(which I’m ashamed for) to „have fun and be useful for Shirts sake“. I hope so.

Don’t forget to feed your ponny.

Re: Hana, rolling lamp

PostPosted: Sat Jun 02, 2012 12:23 am
by Tony
Well I don't know where to begin... Let it be and enjoy the exams. You don't have to apologize for nothing. Anyway we all have kind of holidays now and nothing is in motion. Really no stress about it.

But i am sorry for those images posting. There wasn't much time, but eventhough it's surprisingly tough to fix it. Will be ready and functional ASAP (where possible is quite variable and sentence doesn't actually say anything).