Most useful keyboard shortcuts for Inkscape

Inkscape keyboard shortcuts

Shortcuts in Inkscape are not that hot theme as it is for example in Blender. Inkscape does not need to deal with 3D space and overal orientation is much easier. Even though, most of the work is done by mouse, knowing basic shortcuts like tools or object interaction will greatly increase your speed and save you lot of time. This list is designed to cover only the most important and useful shortcuts. Hope it will help you.

H Flip horizontally V Flip vertically S Selector N Node tool R Rectangle E Ellipse P Pencil B Bezier curves C Calligraphy G Gradient D Dropper T Text I Spiral * Star O Connectors Shft + Ctrl + F Fill and Stroke tab Shft + Ctrl + M Transformations Shft + Ctrl + T Font and text tab Ctrl + S Save Shift + Ctrl + S Save as a file (eg. under different name) Shift + Ctrl + Alt + S Save a copy Ctrl + Q Quit Ctrl + N Create new document Ctrl + O Open document Ctrl + P Print Left Alt + Z Zoom menu Ctrl + Mouse wheel Zoom in and out Ctrl + Right/Left Arrow Horizontal scroll Ctrl + Right/Left Arrow Vertical scroll Ctrl + 1 Zoom to 1:1 Shift + Right Button Drag /or/ Ctrl + Right Button Drag Drag view Mouse wheel Horizontal scroll Ctrl + Mouse wheel Vertical scroll Right Alt + Shift + ¨ (On the right of Backspace button) View or hide rullers Shift + Ctrl + E Export to PNG Ctrl + R Hide / View rullers Ctrl + B Hide / View scrollbars F11 Fulscreen mode Shift + PageUp / PageDown Move object to different layer (up or down) Shift + Ctrl + PageUp / PageDown Move layer itself Shift + Ctrl + Home Move layer to the top Shift + Ctrl + End Move layer to the bottom Ctrl + Alt + V Paste in place Shift + Alt + B Trace bitmap Ctrl + G Selected objects into group Ctrl + + Unite Ctrl + - Difference Ctrl + * Intersection Ctrl + / Division (Cut the intersection of two curves) Brought to you by Tony tony slacik carnivora profile photo Tony Slacik Animation, Special Effects, CG SFX, Properties I have no description!

Have you seen JUMP the PAIN already? | Karel, Nemo and Bone... Blender characters are available for you to download and use!

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Don't you worry, son... | Jump the pain music clip
Don't you worry, son... | Jump the pain music clip
Don't you worry, son... | Jump the pain music clip